About the State of American Democracy

The State of American Democracy initiative began with a conference at Oberlin College in November 2017 featuring 32 speakers and panelists including Jane Mayer, Tim Egan, and William Barber. Our goal was to clarify the historic and institutional origins of the election of 2016 and the breakdown in governance, civility, and fairness that transcends party politics. The second phase of the work through the election of 2020 focuses on repairing and strengthening democratic institutions to serve the aims of justice, fairness, prosperity, and resilience.

Today, the State of American Democracy is an ad-hoc group of individuals and organizations from across the country who are passionate about rebuilding politics and government in America for the benefit of all Americans. The book, edited by David W. Orr, Andrew Gumbel, Bakari Kitwana and William S. Becker, brings together more than 30 contributors, and the conversation series brings together more than 100 thought leaders from a variety of disciplines. Today, more than 50 organizations have also partnered and/or sponsored this project, as well.